Compliments of Princess Theodora


May 03

Dear Inner Princess,


Is has been three months since my official launch of my product line – and what a journey it has been so far!

I realized that living my dream in my head and preparing for it for many years was one thing, but coming out and sharing it with all of you has opened a completely new chapter in my life. Suddenly it hit me that my own brand of products is not a dream any longer but reality. Facing new challenges, surprises and obstacles on the way - here is what I have learned so far: It is all worth it!

Trying to catch up with and learn how communication and marketing is done these days, namely through social media, online press releases, blogs and videos turned to be a challenge by itself and mastering my first Facebook post without the help of my web designer made me feel like a champion. I know that this might seem laughable to many of you, but I can assure and hopefully encourage you at the same time that I am not alone in this endeavor. And yes, with practice and perseverance I have been improving and the online world is becoming slowly, but surely part of my daily routine. And for those of you who have been facing the same dilemma, keep going – life will get easier, I promise.

However I still believe that nothing will replace a good old personal contact with a real human being. The energy and encouragement that one can gain out of a personal conversation with a real handshake, smile, a kind word and a hug is just simply irreplaceable to this day. And while the online world can be all consuming and absorb all our time and energy, the importance of human contact should never be neglected.

It is amazing how many wonderful new people have entered into my life the past few months. They all came unexpected and offered me a hand just when I needed one and they might not even be aware of it.

When I was concerned about how and when the Princess Theodora brand will get its first publication, the beauty and style editor of a local magazine took a leap of faith and wrote about my products. I don’t think she will ever know what a relieve this was for me. Seeing the brand published in a magazine confirmed to me that all the hard work was worth it and that my dream has become finally reality.

While having lunch with a new lady friend at the oceanfront last month we enjoyed each other’s company so much, that I started remembering and sharing moments and challenges in my life which I have forgotten about for many years. But by doing so with a real warm and compassionate woman I felt inspired and came to the conclusion, that I have actually never given up on my dream and no matter what detours came my way, I kept going because of it. By listening to my friend and what she felt like sharing with me I sensed a connection that no video conference call will ever be able to establish and I knew that very moment that we will stay friends for a long time to come.

I guess what I am trying to say is: don’t let anything come in your way when it comes to your dream or whatever you always wanted to do. It is never too late to get started.  Let your Inner Princess come out – don’t be afraid of making new personal connections and friends and sharing with them your thoughts and feelings and in return you can give them your attention and help. People might just surprise you with their kindness, warmth, generosity and willingness to help. You never know whom you will meet on the way.  Just live your dream!

In this context I would like to end this letter by sharing with you a quote I came across recently that inspired me:

“Believe in yourself and all that you are… know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” Christian Larsen

Very truly yours,



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